Phone: (242) 322-8450        40, George Street, P.O. Box N-4808, Nassau, Bahamas         Fax: (242) 328-1512
We have a new hotel this year that we think you will enjoy. Located in downtown
Nassau, it is only a short ride from Paradise Island, and in easy walking distance to a
beach. It is a small quaint establishment (46 rooms) that has been around for a long
time, but has been recently renovated. There is no charge for your dogs, but they do
request that when you are not in your room your dog be kenneled. Cost is $110.40
per night for one person, $116.40 for 2. Breakfast is included in this price. It also
includes all taxes ad other charges, so this is the total cost of your stay, no hidden
charges.  Maximum occupancy is 2. To get more information, see more photos and
make reservations, go to their website by clicking on their logo above. If you make a
booking please make sure you put in the comments that it is for the BKC dog show.